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Self Study Guide

The Self Study Guide tracks how well psychoanalytic education and training programs adhere to the Standards. The Self Study Guide will help programs determine their own readiness to apply for accreditation.

When completed, and with supporting documents, the Self Study Guide becomes the Application.

Self Study Guide / Application PDF - 2017
Self Study Guide / Application (editable doc) - 2017


The aim of this Self Study Guide is to provide practical assistance to those who seek accreditation on behalf of their psychoanalytic program.

The conduct of a self study is a group activity, and many members of the program will need to participate for there to be a good outcome. Successful completion of the self-study process outlined in this guide by a program will ordinarily reveal how it implements the Standards for Psychoanalytic Education and also its organizational structure and its viability as an education organization. The outline will then form the application for ACPEinc accreditation of the program.

In completing this self-study worksheet, which serves also as the Application for Accreditation, the applicant should incorporate or append those primary source documents that address the questions raised and support the responses.

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