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Policies and Procedures - Accreditation

The Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education (ACPEinc) policies and procedures for accreditation.

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Adverse Action

The ACPEinc defines an adverse action as denial or withdrawal of accreditation. If the ACPEinc Board of Trustees takes an adverse action against an institution or program, a written notice of the action will be forwarded to that institution or program. The notification will provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for taking the adverse action.

Download: Adverse Action Policy, 2017

Annual Report and Renewal

Institutes and programs accredited by the ACPEinc are required to submit a yearly report to the ACPEinc. Annual reports are to be submitted to the Board of Trustees of the ACPEinc by the first week of June of each year, beginning with the first calendar year after full accreditation of the institute or program.

Download: Annual Report of Institutes, 2017

Substantive Change Policy

The Substantive Change Policy outlines administrative and curriculum changes that may affect the accreditation status of the psychoanalytic institute or training program. Approval from the ACPEinc may be required prior to implementing specific changes.

Download: Substantive Change Policy, 2017