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Standards of Psychoanalytic Education


This document delineates model standards by which programs seeking accreditation as a psychoanalytic education and training center will be evaluated.

Download: Standards of Psychoanalytic Education, December 15, 2020.


  1. Introduction
  2. Article I. Selection of Candidates for Psychoanalytic Training
  3. Article II. Psychoanalysis of Candidates
  4. Article III. Educational Philosophy
  5. Article IV. Didactic Curriculum
  6. Article V. Clinical Experience
  7. Article VI. Evaluation of Candidates
  8. Article VII. Records
  9. Article VIII. Confidentiality of Clinical Information
  10. Article IX. Ethics and Professionalism
  11. Article X. Faculty
  12. Article XI. Analysts of Candidates and Supervisors of Clinical Work
  13. Article XII. Candidate Support Services and Grievances
  14. Article XIII. Contingency Plan
  15. Article XIV. Graduation and Degrees
  16. Article XV. Finances and Administration
  17. Article XVI. Infrastructure
  18. Article XVII. Site Visits